Summertime Blues

It continues to be crazy hot here in D.C. and it’s going to get even worse this week with temperatures rising to 100 degrees. Time to break out the Jack Purcell’s.

I bought this pair in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Big 5 Sporting Goods, a western chain, would have sales almost every week. Most of the stuff was sweatshop, child labor produced crap but occasionally they would have good deadstock items at rock bottom prices.


Made in the USA. These cost me a whopping $10. I remember that the store had a huge stack of pairs in boxes, about 5′ high. If I knew then that there would be a ton of americana/heritage nerds in the near future I would have bought the whole stack and become a ebay mogul! Even if I sold them at a slight mark up they would be a better deal than what these guys ask. The thing to be “distressed” about is getting taken for an extra $15 for sneakers which look like they’ve been worked over with a metal file. You’re better off buying from the source. Take us home Eddie.

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2 Responses to Summertime Blues

  1. ADG says:

    I had my first pair of Jacks in Junior High. The artisnal distressed thang just kills me man. Mostly for the extry markup that the poseurs insist that we pay to have the luxury of owning deliberately beat up stuff.

  2. Rakish tilt says:

    ADG – I feel bad for the laborers who have to provide the gourmet distressing. I wonder if they get trained on the “correct way” to distress. It must be very mysitifying to assemble a perfectly good pair of shoes and then send them off with holes and abrasions. Sorry to hear that you’ll be putting away your keyboard for awhile, but I understand why. I can barely manage one post a month these days. Keep in touch!

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